Warriors for God

War-ri-or (noun): a person engaged or experienced in warfare;

a person engaged in some struggle or conflict. 

Being a warrior for God requires a strength that many do not understand. It requires us to depend on God instead of ourselves. The strongest warriors are the most humble. Having faith, trusting God, remaining calm in adversity because you know who is really in control; that is a strong warrior for God!  

Proclaim this among the nations:
    Prepare for war!
Rouse the warriors!
    Let all the fighting men draw near and attack.
Beat your plowshares into swords
    and your pruning hooks into spears.
Let the weakling say,
    “I am strong!”
  Come quickly, all you nations from every side,
    and assemble there.

Bring down your warriors, Lord!

Joel 3 : 9-11


Life can be hectic. Work and family responsibilities can quickly overwhelm our schedules and we can lose connection with our Creator.  Every once in a while we need an opportunity to get away from the intense pace of life and reconnect with God. The 2018 Men's Retreat is designed to provide a place to relax and experience God. Come bask in the restorative power of great speakers, superb fellowship, and amazing food. 

Nestled in the peaceful, wooded preserve of Wrightwood, California;  Verdugo Pines Bible Camp is the perfect place to unwind, reconnect, and have fun. The camp boasts clean heated cabins with connecting restrooms and showers. The dining hall is a rustic 3,000 square foot lodge that has a fireplace and plenty of room to fellowship. Below the hall is an activity room filled with  games like pool, ping pong, Foosball, and so much more. There are outside activities too, such as archery, rock climbing, and basketball. Perhaps bring your bike and go for a ride or bring your fishing pole and enjoy Jackson Lake.  Savor the hearty delicious meals with friends from all around. 


The $160.00 registration fee includes the camp cost for housing, all-you-can-drink soda and coffee/tea, plus four meals beginning on Saturday morning. Friday night's start will include light refreshments only, so grab dinner on your way there.

Commemorative T-shirts are an additional $10.00.   

Register Here

  • Jeff Chacon -  Keynote Speaker

    Jeff has been serving in the ministry for over 30 years in San Diego, Chicago, Orlando, and Tampa Bay as both an Evangelist and Congregational Teacher. He is the author of "Dare to Dream Again", and is a proud father of three.