Family Groups are diverse small group of like-minded people who are drawn together for a common purpose, to know Christ and make him known. Our Family Groups meet mostly on Fridays in each others homes and other convenient local locations to discuss Sunday's message, study a topic together, serve the community together, and fellowship. We have Groups for all stages of life whether it be Youth and Family, Campus, Singles, Marrieds, or Seniors. These groups meet all over the Antelope Valley area.

One thing is for sure: Through one another relationships we are committed to helping each other lead lives devoted to Jesus, and helping people from all backgrounds develop their spiritual lives. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, we’re sure you’ll find our congregation welcoming, and our teaching inspiring and relevant to your life.

Email: and we will connect you with the Family Group that can best meet your needs.

  • Marrieds &

    Family Ministry

    Our Marrieds & Family ministry spans all ages and places in life, from newlyweds to empty nesters.  We believe that the Bible has incredible truths to lead us through the peaks and valleys of life together as families.  Sharing those truths with others is one of our greatest joys. Family is an amazing way to experience how wide and long and high and deep is God's love for each one of us.

    In addition to church service on Sunday, we meet in bible discussion groups throughout the Antelope Valley. For more information email us at

  • Singles Ministry

    Singles Ministry is a welcoming, nurturing community of disciples that encourages Christ-centered growth, service and celebration. Together we are:
    Growing personally and spiritually, Sharing God's gifts through service, Interconnecting with the larger church, Celebrating life with others.

    Who are single adults? Single adults are people without spouses. This includes the divorced, never-married, widow, and widower. Remember there will be divorced, never-married, widows, and widowers who are also single parents. While it is easy to think of never-married people as young adults or widows and widowers as older adults, you’ll find single adults in every age group. For more information please email us at

  • Campus Ministry

    This ministry caters exclusively to college students and their spiritual needs. These needs are met through weekly group Bible discussions, personal Bible studies, Friday night Devotionals, and many other fun events. Additionally, there are annual events that many of our students attend such as campus retreats and conferences.

    Our campus ministry serves the Antelope Valley College, CSUB Antelope Valley, and  all other post-secondary institutions in the greater Antelope Valley area. We are devoted to being excellent for God in every area of our lives. For more information please email us at

  • Teen Ministry

    Today young people face many challenges but none more important than standing up for God. Doing the right thing is not always the most popular choice and peer pressure can easily erode a young person's convictions. Our youth ministry provides a safe, stable environment for a spiritual life to flourish. We have weekly devotionals, personal bible studies, and mentoring to foster a teenager's spiritual growth.

    Fellowship is where it's at. Many people think that being a Christian is boring and limiting. Often you might be thinking that if I am a Christian I can't do what I want to do. The fact is that living a Christian life is much more fulfilling and gratifying than anything that you could ever do. If you are searching for truths, we would like to invite you to come and spend some time with us and learn about God.
    For more information please email us at

  • Youth Ministry

    Our Youth Group includes students from 5th grade to 8th grade.  They enjoy fun activities and a devotionals. At our Sunday worship services, the Youth Group has their own class.  For more information please email us at

    The primary goal of youth ministry should be to develop teens that demonstrate active, disciplined, spiritual maturity.  The Bible teaches a faith that is actively working to become more like Christ (James 2:14-26).  Our Lord gives us the perfect example when He was a young man.  Luke 2:52 says, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  Increasing in wisdom (mentally) and in stature (physically) in many ways happens naturally.  A youth ministry should focus on developing teens who increase in favor with God (spiritually) and man (socially). The means to accomplishing this maturity in the lives of teens are found in the goals of a youth ministry.